Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday - Sunday 12th April 2009 - Sirens and bees and localisation of sounds

Today at lunchtime we had nice drinks outside in the garden. I noticed that I could hear a siren. I asked my Mum where it was. She said going pass the Cricket Ground which was a mile away. I thought wow, I can hear a siren from a mile away!! But as I only have one implant, and hear nothing in the other ear, I cannot tell where a sound is coming from. When I hear the traffic from the main road at the front of the house from my parents garden, I ask them which way is it going? My mum told me, and I said how do you know. She said its all down to having two ears working to be able to tell direction. grrr...wish I can do that. Would save me alot of confusion!! Also I noticed that the noise of that siren was one second louder and then the next it was quieter then louder again. My mum explained that it was because the sound is carried in the wind!! But hey I can hear sirens a mile away and also I heard the bumble bee buzz for the first time - eurghh!!


  1. Hello Anna, Just wondering if we'v spoke before!! Wow, you sound like your doing GREAT with your implant!!

  2. Hi Melissa, Thanks for message - I wish this could apply when communicating with groups of hearing people.