Friday, 22 February 2008

Friday 22nd February 2008 - Back into the usual routine

It was great to get back into the normal routine again. My colleagues were very supportive, but by 3.30pm I was exhausted and went home early when normally I would stay at work until about 6pm.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Friday 15th February 2008

Back at my house in the South of England after a restful time with TLC at my parents in Worcester. Strange to be back with a cochlear implant behind my right ear.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wednesday 13th February 2008 - The day the stitches came out!

By today I can feel the stitches hugging at my scar as that area beings to heal. But today the stitches were due out. My Mum and I went to my old doctors surgery (where my Parents still go) and saw a nurse who took out the stitches. I drove. It was the first time I drove my car again since the operation and I was so happy. No problem with balance or turning my head whilst driving and manoeurving my car. We got to the doctors and it felt alot better once the stitches were out and it was such a relief as much more comfortable. I am such a wimp for these things as I can't stand medical stuff!! I am beginning to feel alot more normal and am able to wash my hair again - YIPPEE!!!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Monday 11th February 2008

The pain has gone - and I am off the painkillers - YIPPEE!!I am starting to do things up and about more around the house - but still getting a little tired - but improving.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Friday 8th February 2008

The pain was starting to ease - yippee!! But I was still so tired.

I saw my Mum rush to the front door - I peeked from the living room. The flowers had arrived!! She turned and saw me and gave me a MASSIVE smile. We both hugged :-)

Later on today, we went out for a walk around a new development around a used canal basin for the Worcester - Birmingham canal next to the River Severn.

This was the first time I started going out again. I felt a little weak but I needed to build up again. See photos. We also took a photo of my implanted area.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Thursday 7th February 2008

I was still alittle sore, but it was starting to ease. As I was still so tired, I took another easy day just resting with the TV, DVD, lap top and Nintendo and my Mum's brilliant care looking after me. I was so thankful for my Mum doing everything for me that I bought her a bunch of flowers online from a local florists and got them delivered the following morning.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wednesday 6th February 2008 - Worcester

I was still pretty tired this morning and I was still sore. As long as I kept on top of the painkillers then I was ok. This morning it was a fine, crisp and sunny morning and Mum gave me an aided arm and guided me around their garden to look at the bulbs that were coming through. It was lovely to see that.I rested the rest of the day - watched DVDs, TV, chat to my friends on MSN and email on my lap-top and played on my Nintendo DS.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Tuesday 5th February 2008 - HOME!!!

I couldn't wait to get out of hospital - I just wanted to be at home in a "normal" environment. But there was nothing I could do until I was checked over. I was fine and once I had the needle out of my hand and my scar had been checked by my surgeon and the CI centre co-ordinator and painkillers were prescribed I was free to go home. I texted my Mum and she came over quickly as she was already on her way. I had already started to get myself dressed. Mum then helped me carry my bags out of the hospital. I was worried about the car journey and ramps. Would it hurt? Would I feel dizzy? It was fine, I had no problem with the movements of the car, but however it did hurt alittle when the car accelerated or decelerated.I got back to my house and my Mum fed me and then we loaded my car with my bags of 2 weeks worth of clothing and belongings and my Mum then took me home to their house in Worcester by driving my car. There were two routes we could take - one up over the Cotswolds via Evesham on the A34, A44 (which meant your ears will pop as you go down Fish Hill) or via the motorways. I opted for the motorway route as I didn't fancy the ear popping hill. My implanted ear felt as though there was pressure in it and didn't want to make it more uncomfortable.The journey to Worcester was fine. But as soon as we got back to Worcester, the pain really began to hurt. So I was on painkillers and ibrofrofen (don't know how to spell this one). That night I was really tired and I slept extremely well on my non implanted side of course.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Monday 4th February 2008 - Operation Day

Err.. trying to catch up - looks like I will be putting a February's posting in December haha while I try to work all this blog stuff out!! OK.. now rewinding the tape to go back to 4th February 2008...

I was a nervous wreck this morning. My operation was scheduled for 8.30am and I had to arrive at the hospital at 7.30am. I couldn't sleep properly the night before. Then it was time to get up - my parents were staying at my house and my Dad came in. I then got ready and we were at the hospital by 7.30am. I didn't bother put the hearing aid in my right ear that morning. I was very nervous about the injection in the hand for the anaesthetic, but they put some local anaesthetic cream on so when they put the main needle in I didnt feel anything. My mum came into the anaesthetic room with me. I saw my surgeon who I saw just before the op and my mum translated what the anaesthetist was saying to me. They said that they were going to put the stuff in me now and that I would feel woozy. So I turned to my Mum whose hand I was holding and said "I love you" and mum said "I love you too" and the next thing I remember is coming round in the recovery room.It was weird, I don't remember feeling sleeping as the anaesthetic was put in. Just that I was coming round after the op and I felt like as though I was waking up on a normal morning in my own bed at my house. When I opened my eyes I realised that I was in the hospital recovery room and that I had a mask over my face and was attached to the drip. I felt nothing - I felt fine - I felt as though nothing has happened. Then I saw the male nurse who was standing next to me who was holding my hand. I said to him "Oh hello - has it been done - the cochlear implant operation?" He said "Yes". I replied "Oh wow - how did it go?" He gave me the thumbs up to tell me it went very well. I then saw the clock on the wall and saw that the operation took 3 hours.Then they wheeled me to my room - yes I had my own room at the hospital - thanks goodness for that - I didn't particulary want to share a room with another person as I don't like hospitals. As soon as I was in the room, they took me off the drip. The mask came off as soon as I awoke. I was then drinking water normally and I felt absolutely fine. My Mum came over pretty quickly and she brought me my mobile and my camera. I cried when I saw her, and so did she. It was relief. Then we chatted for a while and then she went after about an hour and a half. I then spent the rest of the afternoon busy texting my friends as they were all asking me how I was and how did it go. The time flew past fast, my surgeon and the co-ordinator of the CI centre checked to make sure I was ok and about 6pm a friend came over to see me. It was great to see her and good of her to come and see me. Then it was supper time and I was starving. My friend helped cut my food and helped me. Then I realised I couldnt chew properly as it hurt the cochlear implant area abit. So I couldn't eat much. Later my friend went home and then I texted my Mum to ask her that when she come over to see me later if she could bring some soft food. My Mum said yes. She came over later with guess - chocolate flake!! I was pleased for that and ate it. Then my Mum helped me out of the bed and that was the first time I walked since the CI op. My balance was fine, but surprisingly my legs felt weak. Then later in the evening, my mum went back to my house and I sat in bed doing the sukudo. Then it was time to sleep and I couldnt sleep cos the nurses kept coming to check blood pressure or give me pills!!