Monday, 25 October 2010

Sunday 24th October 2010 - Evening Church Service

Today, I stayed at home most of the day and only went out to go to church at my Methodist Church where I am a member of, in the city centre. My experience with following church services at my church with my CI has improved more recently although I still need some support. They have had some deaf awareness training.

Deaf awareness training truely makes a MASSIVE difference!

The Minister, my friends and some of the stewards at the church are brilliant in meeting my needs. They are extremely deaf aware and integrate me into church's life. At church, I use my FM system as that gives me more power of sound than the loop system. My Minister is excellent with wearing the transmitter, and he is aware that I still have limitations with following, that he gives me his notes which are a great help. Another great help is that my friends also help with writing down whats being said of the bits I cannot follow. I have also noticed that more and more stuff in the church service are on powerpoint, that helps alot too. I have problem joining in with the hymns, so I sign them in British Sign Language. Everyone's used to that now :-) and they help me follow the hymns. Also, when we have Communion and we are kneeling at the altar, when our Minister says the prayer before we return to our seats, I look up to lip-read him and hes very good at making sure that I can see to lip-read him.

Deaf awareness really does make a difference.

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