Sunday, 15 December 2013

2nd day with N6 - in London

Went to a church group social first in a Oxford. Noticed that when I'm on the programme without the noise reducer, can hear sound of people talking further away, but whether they are near or far, I cannot make sense, so carry on lip read with deaf awareness being applied and only talk to people when deaf aware and one to one. 

Then headed to London, I stayed on programme 3 without noise reducer, and I love the environmental sounds of London and the London Underground etc. Could hear a tannoy on the platform but no idea what it said. I then met up with a good hearing friend who can sign BSL to do some light trails photography in Piccadilly Circus which was amazing and good fun. Good to hear the traffic and to hear sirens coming from further away. After our meal later, we then parted to go home. I decided to switch to programme 1, the one with the noise reducer and noooooo I hated it!!! It cut out the sound of my beloved tube trains and beloved London. Kept trying it til I got to Paddington to get my train home. Nope, my environmental sounds I love and enjoy weren't there. It tried to make me hear voices of people near me which were dead quiet and absolutely meaningless!! So strapped that... back to programme 3 without the noise reducer - ahhh that's better - hello environmental sounds of my beloved London!!!

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